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Free Visual Screening

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Do you or any of your family members feel itchy?  By using natural light that comes out of a magnifying glass, one of our experts will inspect the clients' hair to detect the lice infestation. It is important to mention that if nits are recently laid are hard to see and Hair Cleaners Lice Removal clinics is not responsible for a false diagnose. Please, see next service for more info.

Product Check

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When a household member has been found positive for lice, we recommend that everyone that lives or have had any physical contact with the infested individual must be check by a professional. By using our all-natural lice removal product, one of our technicians will comb the clients' hair with a special comb that will detect even the tiniest egg. There is a cost for this type of screening but it is the most effective way to diagnose the Lice  infestation.

Onsite Lice Treatment


We have two fully equipped centers with the latest technology to successfully achieve the lice removal treatment. By using our all natural product, homeopathic formula, and a special comb together with our unique combing technique, our technicians will make sure that our clients get a lice and pain free experience. 

House-calls Treatment


Some clients live too far away from us and others just prefer to be treated at the comfort of their homes. Our completely mobile & top of the line equipment; as well as, our well trained professionals allow us to offer the same quality work either at home or in one of our centers. Our job is to provide our clients with the choice that best fits their needs.

Home Treating

Home treating

The success of any lice treatment depends in some cases on what the client does when they leave our offices.Our company and associates are prepare to do it for our clients.  A meticulous cleaning of your home after a lice treatment is critical for the success of a lice treatment .  Please, feel free to ask one of our associates.

The Re-treatment

Free Visual Screening

 To confirm the best results, we recommend a follow up after the treatment. This must be conducted 7 to 10 days after the initial treatment. when a female louse lays the eggs, they are not as large as when they are 7 to 10 days old and ready to hatch. Chances are that if we say that you are lice free, we may be wrong. That is why, it so important the follow up appointment

Schools, Camps & Day Cares


Our well-trained technicians and 100% mobile equipment is available for schools and camps screenings. If a client give positive to lice, we will let the school or camp representative know. Once they have contacted the parent for authorization, Hair cleaners can offer the treatment on site so that neither the kids nor the parents have to stop their activities to look for a treatment. Ask one of our associates.

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