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How it works!!!

THE TREATMENT  is based on  three phases, which we apply in just one  session followed by a check up after 7-10 days:


The process of lice elimination in three steps

1) First, We start the session dividing the hair in small layers. Then, we apply our ALL-NATURAL formula and proceed to comb the hair strand by strand. After the entire head has been worked on, we proceed to comb the hair in three more different directions.

2) In the second phase we use either of the two electric vacuums, a top of the line technology  for the most complete extermination of pediculosis. With our equipment and experience we guarantee that  we eliminate the 100% of the lice and nits.

3) Finally, We end up the treatment by manually reviewing  each hair strand making sure the complete lice elimination. We review the portions of hair meticulously with our special combs, using very strong lamps and augmentation lenses.

What happens after the lice treatment is completed?

During the treatment our clients are restfully  sitting in comfortable sofas either watching a movie or playing video game. In order to ensure the complete elimination of the problem; a week after the treatment, we proceed with a check up. From that time our customers have one month, a period in which if there is any doubt or suspicious  of re-infestation; our clients can go to any of our centers and it will be addressed immediately by one of our technicians at zero cost for the customer.


Lus, hovedlus, lice, head lice

What do nits look Like?

Before they hatch they have the aspect of yellow, brown or mustard color as they tend to mimic  the hair color. The eggs of the lice look like dandruff with the exception that the prior cannot be eliminated just from combing or shaking the hair. It is more often to see the eggs alive than the lice moving in the scalp unless the infestation is significant. The lice eggs hatch in  between one and two weeks.

After Hatching...

After hatching, the external shell has a white or transparent aspect. The lice spawn over hair threads close to the surface of the scalp, where the temperature is perfect to keep warm until the moment to hatch.


The adult lice are not bigger than the sesame seeds and their color range between white to grey and cinnamon.

The nymphs are smaller and become adult lice approximately between one and two weeks after hatching from the egg.

Our technology...

At Hair Cleaners Lice Removal Clinics, we work hard to meet the needs of our clients and their families.

We are proud to have the most advanced technology for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of lice infestation.

Our microscopes do not allow margin for error during the identification of a lice infestation. They are able to detail an object 100 times closer to what our eyes can see.

In many cases, not having the necessary technology could make a false diagnosis of lice and nits, confusing them with dandruff, dirt, dead cells of the scalp or skin lesions caused by the use of shower products or hair treatments.

We are also the only lice treatment company which uses a vacuum to ensure the complete and definitive elimination of lice and their diminutive eggs.