Following the closure of our three clinics due to COVID-19 and rough weeks for most of us who have been impacted from the pandemic. Authorities have given green light  to open our three clinics with regular hour. However, we are adhering to the (CDC) Center for Disease Control Guidelines.


  1. During the call to book your appointment, one of our techs will inform you about how many people can come in together, Maximum of treating customers is two at a time.
  2. Please, inform us of any additional appointment needed so that we can schedule it for you.



Every person is required to wear a face mask.

  1. One minor is allow with an adult company, however the adult may remain seated on the waiting areas. If another minor has to come in, both should stay outside on the front of the clinic until it is their turn.
  2. Due to close contact between techs and customers, we advise to stay seated on the treating chair.
  3. We advise to discuss with your child that playing around in the clinic is not allow.
  4.  The control for the TVs will be handle by techs only.
  5. We advise you to plan your visit in advance since  we are working with less staff than normal.


Each tech is required to wear Proper PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. Ex. are face Masks and Gloves.

As normal, We will continue to disinfect after each customers, treating chairs, treating stations, capes are throw away in a garbage container, hair clips,  Tables, toys, counter tops and any other hard surface that may be a source of infection  will also be disinfected after each customer.

Look for extra Hand sanitizers stations around the clinics.


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 We are insured and approved vendor for Miami Dade and Broward Public Schools.

Miami Dade vendor# 6521657      Broward vendor#135853

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Lice Free Memberships


IT IS SIMPLE AND EASY. Come in for a product checkup and/or get treated with us the first time. Notice that the first treatment is paid in full. After, you can choose to become a member or not.

Our membership offers a variety of benefits and more

Immediate Re-Admission Certificate

  • After a customer has been treated with us, if need be; we will issue a signed document stating that you or your loved ones was/were treated at one of our centers and it is now 100% clear to return to school. 
  • This document  can be presented to schools, camps, workplaces for immediate  re-admission.
  • We guarantee lice free, worry free results.

Since 1993

Please, do not leave the health and the well-being of your family on anyone's hand.

It is important to remember that leaving a single egg assumes that the infestation continues. Put yourself in the hands of specialists and DO not waste time.
We have equipment specifically designed for the ultimate elimination of lice and nits. Enjoy your time with your kids, don’t waste it with lice. We know for a fact that family members spend lot of money on over the counter products and they don't work.
 Many are the clients that come to our clinics claiming that the pharmacy treatment does not work. Please, be mindful about this, there is no a single study that shows that a product will eliminate the lice and the nits. Yes, you could get rid of some lice but, the majority stays in the head.
 REMEMBER our lice treatment product is all-natural and contains no chemical or toxic. No damage to your hair, scalp or respiratory system. Give us a call today to Know more 786-420-5094 or email us at info@haircleanersliceremovalclinics.com