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Did you know?

A lice can hold their tiny breath for up to 24 hours in water before they can go on another head?

Services available in our centers, schools, summer camps & at the comfort of your home

Infestation by lice can affect the academic results at school in a very negative way. Itching as a result of lice does not allow children to concentrate in schools. Therefore, we have created a program to offer the possibility of transferring our team of experts to primary schools, secondary schools, summer camps and so on to carry out collective checks in order to detect the environmental impact of pediculosis.

With a completely mobile technology, Hair Cleaners Lice Removal Clinics can not only identify the infestation, but also treat it right there on campus if the parents agree to it.

Hair Cleaners technicians offer parents and schools the opportunity eliminate this problem in a safe way and prevent a school- wide infestation.

Pediculosis (head lice) has extended widely in recent years, causing physical and psychological problems to our children, being a problem for school and Summer Camps. The CDC estimates that only in the United States there are between 6 million to 12 million lice infestations cases every year.

We can arrange special price for students from your institution and offer free professional examination for the students, according to a programmed schedule, with the main objective of detecting possible infestations and preventing the infestation in other students and/or the propagation of the infestation.

Other schools in the area have already contacted us and requested the examinations for their students, since it is the best and most effective way of controlling the epidemic.

If it is true that summer camps can offer our kids an enormous opportunity to have fun and a variety of ways to continue learning while they are out of schools, it is also true that they offers the highest risk for children to get infested with lice.

Did You Know that? Kids from many different schools, communities, cities and even foreign countries can attend to the same summer camp as your kid. Now, the question is. Who does lice screenings and treatments for lice in these places our kids stay for weeks? if they do, How effective are they?

Hair Cleaners also has the same program for summer camps as we do for schools, Screenings also can be performed at summer camps and for athletic teams. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

For the performance of these inspections, We would move our team and required equipment to hold the screenings on the days that we have agreed upon. With a well-planned schedule this should not interfere with the regular classes or school activities.

Other Summer Camps in the area have already contacted us and requested the examinations for their students, since it is the best and most effective way of controlling the epidemic.

We would be pleased to help you in this challenging fight against pediculosis among our children. I wish to put my staff at your service. I hope you are interested in our services, I am eager to assist you with any inquiry you might have.

When the lice problem shows up, the first reaction it is to use home treatments that in most cases are inefficient.

Chemical treatments for pediculosis are expensive and require a lot of time and patience that usually most parents do not have.

Many of these products are toxic, need an exact exposure time and do not guarantee the total elimination of lice and nits. These operations are usually performed in the bathroom, where light and space are limited. Children are uncomfortable, they move and complain turning this tedious operation impossible and painful.

Hair cleaners Lice Removal Clinics delivers its complete equipment, technology and qualified personnel and offers you its services in the convenience of your own home. We also offer the service of 100% dis-infestation of the houses.

Lice can be anywhere in the house, so it is critical that a meticulous cleaning and vacuuming is done in every corner in each room.To achieve the level of effectiveness that this type of job requires, we will be as detailed as when we treat a client because a louse can live out of a human head for 72 hours waiting to climb on a person’s head.

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